Since the Economic downturn, and unemployment,
and the rising price of gas and groceries,
the American Family needs to make some changes to make ends meet.
Many are not just speaking of Multi-generational Homes,
but living that lifestyle once more.
Backyard Victory gardens and even
backyard chickens are making a comeback.
Skills in sewing and quilting as well as knitting and crocheting
help to make the necessities, and the dollar stretch
Thrift store shopping and garage sales
are good ways to barter for things that are needed.
In these days of uncertainty,
what are some of the
Old Fashioned Homemaking skills
that you admire or are using in your everyday life?

Simple Crocheted Potholder


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    Homemaking skills take time to develop, but they are practical ways to help your budget as well as the family.



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    Do you know that there is TSP in marshmallows? TSP is what is used to clean painted walls before a new coat is applied.
    Do you know that Monsanto has genetically altered seeds to include a pesticide within the plant itself and the pesticide is now showing up in the blood stream of Pregnant women and in that of children!
    Do you know that Home cleaners are making us ill?
    Do you know that there are hundreds of ways to use Vinegar to safely clean our homes and kill our weeds without pesticides or chemicals?
    Do you know that Kefir can help you live to be 100, and at least, help you feel better, it can help you loose weight, lower your blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol and help heal the digestive system of GERD?
    Do you know what HFCS is, and that it is a poison, and that is in most of our food supply?
    Do you know that most of America does not know these things and that it is making us sick and worse killing us?

    I've learned all these things out of necessity due to severe allergies. My hope is that you can glean something from this Blog to help make your life healthier.

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